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Mody 30 Days Challenge

I've spent the past month challenging myself with simple thematics to create some characters and practice drawing. Here are the results! :)

Enjoy! <3

Maddy taylor kenyon 01 cactus

Day 1 - Cactus 🌵
Some ideas for a cactus princess

Maddy taylor kenyon 02 tea

Day 2 - Tea ☕️
Not super happy with today’s sketch T_T Boba Tea Elf with boba pets ~

Maddy taylor kenyon 03 button

Day 3 - Button
I’m running out of ideas already… halp! ~_~ The Button Knight

Maddy taylor kenyon 04 soap

Day 4 - Soap
Buby works at the local “Soap Bar” restaurant & pub, serving up some smooth and bubbly shakes.

Maddy taylor kenyon 05 cat

Day 5 - Cat
I ended up spending FOREVER on this today. Went with a cat girl I made when I was 11~

Maddy taylor kenyon 06 umbrella

Day 6 - Umbrella
Owls have trouble flying in the rain because their wings are not waterproof. Stay dry, Owlettes!

Maddy taylor kenyon 07 skull

Day 7 - Skull
Bad day & struggled making it ink-worthy. Hope my cyborg skullmancer “V” will do.

Maddy taylor kenyon 08 candle

Day 8 - Candle
Another simple one today. Wiki the Candle Demon.

Maddy taylor kenyon 09 panties

Day 9 - Panties
Pirate Lord of Panties?

Maddy taylor kenyon 10 bomb

Day 10 - Bomb 💣
Got carried away again & hate the colors >_>; this is the Mother of Bombs.

Maddy taylor kenyon 11 ink

Day 11 - Ink
Super inspired by Little Witch Academia today. Blot the Ink Witch! ✨

Maddy taylor kenyon 12 mushroom

Day 12 - Mushroom 🍄
Second piece for #Mody30Days that I finished in one sitting! It’s an Orc Chef that specializes in mushroom dishes

Maddy taylor kenyon 13 clock

Day 13 - Clock
I’ve been playing a lot of Zelda & had an art block for #Mody30Days today soo… here’s a Guard of the Time Runes.

Maddy taylor kenyon 14 anchor

Day 14 - Anchor
Almost halfway through the challenge, feeling pretty glad I can put anything on paper ~_~ Anchor Priest

Maddy taylor kenyon 15 ramen

Day 15 - Ramen 🍜
A simple ramen girl today~~ now I’m hungry >:

Maddy taylor kenyon 16 sheep

Day 16 - Sheep
I think I’m going through a sketching rough patch o_x Here’s a Sleep Goddess or something.

Maddy taylor kenyon 17 candy

Day 17 - Candy 🍬
Felt like a pastel kind of day so I went with strawberry pocky! n_n

Maddy taylor kenyon 18 broom

Day 18 - Broom
I wanted to make another witch in the same universe as Blot, so this is Brooma & her dust fairy! :3

Maddy taylor kenyon 19 fire

Day 19 - Fire
Fire girls don’t sit too well with hot food, ironically.

Maddy taylor kenyon 20 mask

Day 20 - Mask
I had SO much fun making this girl~ Her name is Mekal! I threw rough color on her, I couldn’t wait >w<

Maddy taylor kenyon 21 milk

Day 21 - Milk
I bet you can’t guess what I was craving today ;P

Maddy taylor kenyon 22 eye

Day 22 - Eye
Tilly is your average mutant tiger lily teen.

Maddy taylor kenyon 23 bug

Day 23 - Bug
I struggled the past few days with art block but powered through this piece today. She’s a military moth? •_•

Maddy taylor kenyon 24 pumpkin

Day 24 - Pumpkin
Felt like doing more modern clothes lately, might do more for the rest of the challenge also, cat ghosts!

Maddy taylor kenyon 25 bat

Day 25 - Bat
In the great words of Squidward… well, here you go.

Maddy taylor kenyon 26 water

Day 26 - Water
Lin vapes only the purest water in the world.

Maddy taylor kenyon 27 controller

Day 27 - Controller
Presenting… Scanette! The most efficient crane game monitor & cashier for any arcade. No cat ghosts allowed!

Maddy taylor kenyon 28 mail

Day 28 - Mail
Hate mail is the worst kind to deliver!

Maddy taylor kenyon 29 shark

Day 29 - Shark
Shark girl wanting some fresh sashimi.

Maddy taylor kenyon 30 crown

Day 30 - Crown 👑
Even tho her feet are smudged, I hope you like this watermelon queen! Mission complete!